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(EM!) Bob: Alright, first off I just wanna say you put on a dope show tonight.

Murs: Oh thanks man.

(EM!) Bob: So Halloween this year, are you playing a show?

Murs: Yeah um…. No, I have a day off in Minneapolis so I’m probably gonna hang out with my friends kids and do something cool.

(EM!) Bob: Oh nice, are you gonna dress up?

Murs: Um sort of… I have a tiger tuxedo jacket

(note: I don’t know what that looks like but this is what I want it to look like)

(EM!) Dustin: Oh niiiceee…. hahahaha

(EM!) Bob: You ever play a show on Halloween and get dressed up?

Murs: No I don’t get dressed up. I sweat too much for that hahaha

(EM!) Bob: What about trick or treatin? Any kinds of stories you might have? For me, I know there was the neighborhood behind me we’d always go to that was the “rich kid” neighborhood and we’d always go there and hit the houses 2 or 3 times to get king size candy bars.

Murs: Nah I can’t really think of any crazy trick or treat stories. I always loved trick or treating though. I’m looking forward to having kids and taking them trick or treating because I think that….. free candy is awesome haha.

(EM!) Bob: You think you’d be that dude that… say you’re home on Halloween, would you hand out candy?

Murs: Oh yeah, definitely.

(EM!) Bob: Would you mess with little kids and try to scare them when they come up?

Murs: Hahaha nah… nah I’ll just give em candy. I’ll just sit on my front porch and hand out candy… too many law suits floatin around for that. Someone might have a heart attack or something.

(EM!) Bob: Alright lets think, next question…

(EM!) Dustin: Bob was showing me some of your music earlier today and he showed me this song about skateboarding. Growing up we were huge into skateboarding, it was pretty much all we did. Can you tell us some of your favorite skaters?

(EM!) Bob: Yeah thats a good question, list some skaters that you get stoked on…

Murs: My favorite skater is Mike V. (Mike Vallely)

(EM!) Bob: Mike V?! really?

(note: all joking aside Mike V is a sick skater… I just expected something like Mike Carroll to be his answer for some reason)

Murs: Oh definitely

(EM!) Bob: Thats crazy I would have never expected that answer. So, what about your favorite skate video?

Murs: Um… Animal Chin. Yeah, Search For Animal Chin.

(Note: if you’ve ever touched a skateboard you gotta watch this video – its a classic. This part always reminds me of when I was younger skating. I’d always take a deck without trucks on it and lay on my back and try to do tricks on it.)

(EM!) Bob: Nice choice… that video is like the backbone of skateboarding. What about your first skateboard deck?

Murs: My first skateboard was technically a Heat Zone Nash that I got from Big 5 Sporting Goods.

(EM!) Bob: Alright let me re-ask this question… what was your second REAL skateboard deck haha?

Murs: Hahaha… Santa Cruz Spidey, it was blue with blue and black grip tape. And I think I had Gullwing or Tracker trucks because I don’t think I got Indy’s the first time… german bearings.

(Note: I was trying to find it on Google to post a picture…. Murs – is this it?)

Santa Cruz - Spidey

(EM!) Bob: I always felt like Indy’s were always heavy tank trucks… like indestructible but it was annoying how heavy they were.

Murs: Yeah definitely, no… Venture trucks, I’m sorry. My first trucks were Ventures.

(EM!) Bob: Ah nice, Venture lows were my favorite.

(EM!) Dustin: I had Ventures too.

(EM!) Bob: Do you still skate from time to time? Like push around sometimes?

Murs: I actually push mongo haha.

(EM!) Dustin: You push mongo? haha

(EM!) Bob: When’s the last time you skated?

Murs: Not for a while man, I’ve been on the road so much… I don’t get to skate. I used to skate all the time and ummm….. I was supposed to go to Japan and I rolled my ankle skating this hip.

(EM!) Bob: Dude, I broke both ankles 3 times… worst shit ever.

Murs: I couldn’t go on tour and it really fucked up my financial situation… not to mention the promoters and people I fucked over, you know, by being selfish… it’s like, you kind of have to give that up when you have these responsibilities. But I was never that good anyway, so…

(EM!) Bob: Yeah I hear that. What about skate spots growing up?

Murs: There was a place called Kiddy Banks that was sweet when I was little…. back in 86′ when I first got a skateboard. We had to run across the freeway to skate the drainage ditch on the other side. It was fuckin’ awesome.

(EM!) Bob: That sounds awesome.

Murs: We used to skate launch ramps in the middle of the street. As I got older I really liked Brea Skatepark. It was a park that had a bowl, because that was pretty much all I could do.

Brea Skatepark

(EM!) Bob: Just pump around the bowl?

Murs: Yeah, exactly.

(EM!) Bob: Growing up I actually went to Woodward Skate Camp… its probably one of my favorite places in the world. So many fun times skating with friends from the time the sun comes up to sometimes after midnight.

Murs: Oh you did?! I always wanted to go… I still want to go as an adult. I might do that.

(EM!) Bob: I think they have adult sessions.. towards the end of the Summer or something… towards Fall. Its probably like a party there with everyone just chillin and skating… plus you have Penn State around the corner sort of…

Murs: Hahaha I dont’ wanna go when there is a bunch of shitty grown men trying to learn to skateboard

(EM!) Bob: You know thats exactly what its gonna be though. Dudes bein like “man I rolled my ankle back in 98′… blah blah blah”. Its like – have you ever been to FDR?

Murs: Nah, I’ve never been to FDR.

(EM!) Bob: No?! Really? Its pretty sick there. Growing up we’d always go and there would be the drunk old heads there that would just bitch at all the little kids doing kickflips or just flip tricks in general because they wouldn’t be pumping the bowls or riding the vert ramp. They keep adding shit to it… its sick. You can find some awesome graffiti there too. But the old heads would always be like “for every kickflip you do you better do some no-comply’s and shit”

Murs: Some Mike V. shit.

(EM!) Bob: Well dude, what was Mike V’s part in that one Black Label video… I was excited to see it and it was such a let down. It started off with him angry and he’s like pushing and pushing and pushing.. then he ollied a small street gap… and hes going faster and faster… pushing harder… and then all of a sudden it ends with his fists and it says Mike Vallely. And I was just like…. wtf just happened?

(Note: this part is definitely not what I described it as above… It was a mixture of exaggerating and my memory being completely off – no surprise)

Murs: haha thats Mike V. Thats what it is man. Well we’re in Philly… so it’s like Kerry Getz is dope. PJ Ladd is awesome.

(EM!) Bob: Dude! PJ Ladds Wonderful Horrible Life?

(EM!) Dustin: Haha we were just talking about that video and how good it was on the way here.

Murs: Thats probably the best new school video ever… its like last time I saw it I was like…. well except for the Girl shit. Thats just another level… with all the production.

(EM!) Bob: Like Mouse? Yeah Right was a ridiculous video.

Murs: Yeah Right had so much production value in it. You can’t even put it up against other skate videos. Part of why its so good is because they spent so much money doing that video.

(EM!) Bob: You ever see Eastern Exposure Under Achievers?

Murs: Nah…

(EM!) Bob: That video was pretty sick… total East Coast style… black and white… Donny Barley, Ricky Oyola… totally amazing. Philly skaters, Baltimore skaters… wallrides… that like easy coast style of skating.

Murs: Yeah, thats whats up.

(EM!) Bob: Alright so we’ve been talking a lot about skating… what about music influences… any influences you have that aren’t hip hop music?

Murs: Ah man… I dunno… that influence me? I wish that there was shit outside of hip hop that influenced me. I’m a big Elton John fan… I really like the Beatles but I don’t know how much the Beatles influence me. Smoky Robinson a little bit… its hard for stuff thats not hip hop to influence me.

(EM!) Bob: I mean not influence you as in a direct influence in shit you’re writing but just in general music you like. You know you pop an album on in the car and just love listening to it.

Murs: Vampire Weekend is one of my favorite bands at the moment.

(EM!) Dustin: Do you have like a guilty pleasure album? Like you roll up to a red light and you’re blastin it and you look around and think man I gotta turn this shit down haha

Murs: Nah… For me like I feel like my music cred is so solid that I just don’t care. If anyone tells me anything about what I’m listening to…

(EM!) Bob: So, on some new Hip Hop – for me the cd I’m really into right now is the new Evidence album Cats and Dogs… the track produced by Primo is crazy good and the one with Raekwon is ill too… what new Hip Hop are you into?

Murs: Um… Serengeti on Anticon Records… he’s got an album called “Family And Friends”… and … Jay Rock – Follow Me Home… I really like Open Mic Eagle… probably my 3 favorite rap cds right now.

(EM!) Bob: Alright man, I’ve been listened to your music for a long time now and I’m a huge fan of the work you do. Thank you so much for doing this interview. I gotta be honest I’m pretty tripped out right now its almost surreal… but keep doing what you’re doing… making a positive impact on peoples lives through music.

Murs: No problem man… my pleasure. Thanks for the support.

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