3 bands you’re jockin right now?

3 bands we jockin!? Well we be jockin The Greek Favourites, Kids, and Ah, Horse Hockey. All rad bands and all good dudes.

Favorite venue?

Favorite venue would be cafe metro but that shit just closed down. That was our favorite place to play. We like houses and shit.

Last show you went to you didn’t play?

Reverse the curse, ah, horse hockey, and kite party at the banana stand in south philly. Shit went bonkers.

Favorite restaurant of all time?

Applebees. Monday night. Karaoke. I’ll be there wearing the orange shirt.

If you could only watch one tv channel what would it be?

I really love the MLB network. I’m a huge fan of the mets. Being a mets fan is….ummm…..difficult at times. Whatever, we got 86.

Last thing you’d do if the world ended tomorrow?

I would head to Lake Ariel and fish. Long live Lake Ariel.

Last time you were stranded somewhere?

My friend Adam Mcilwee brought me to this weird ass party and decided to leave 15 minutes in. I was hanging by the kitchen having small talk and realized I was left alone. I got drunk and danced to weirdo dance music all night. He picked me up the next day. Weird time.

Favorite breakfast cereal growing up?

Apple Cinnamon Cherrios. My grandma made me eat them every day and I love them too much.

What is your go to bar drink?


If there was a zombie apocalypse who in the band would be eaten by zombies first?

Me (Bob). I’d probably try to talk it out or something.

During said zombie apocalypse, what band member would you eat first?

Squid. He’d be great on a grill.

Why didn’t the rapture happen?

My brothers graduation party was that day. My team lost at ultimate frisbee. The world ended for me that day.

What song should we play at your funeral?

Any Sam Cooke song. My lifeless body will rise and hit the high notes.

When is it ok to shit with the door open?

When the shit bucket is overflowing.

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