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Interview location:

The Fire - Philadelphia
The Fire | 412 W Girard Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19123 | 267-671-9298

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Ok guys, name an album that you can’t not sing to when you have it on in the car? Like you catch yourself singing to it no matter what…

(Nothington) Eric: Ummm, I think Hot Water Music – Caution…

(Nothington) Jay: Yeah, Caution or the new Elway album is really catchy

(Nothington) Chris: The Menzingers…

(Nothington) Jay: …Chamberlain waits just an amazing record

(EM!) Dustin: What about guilty pleasure albums? Like you’re rolling up to a red light with the music blaring and you think… maybe I should turn this down its kind of embarrassing.

(Nothington) Chris: Katy Perry haha

(Nothington) Jay: …yeah, Katy Perry actually… haha

(EM!) Bob Ricca: haha both of you guys? Katy Perry?… what about you… you got anything?

(Nothington) Eric: No I don’t listen to shit haha


(Nothington) Chris: We basically just listen to whatever cds we stole from Red Scare when we were in Chicago

(Nothington) Eric: Yeah we got a lot of stuff from there

(Nothington) Jay: Vultures United has actually been really good… I was driving to New York today from Times Square to around Brooklyn to pick my girlfriend up… it took an hour and a fucking half to drive like five miles… Vultures United was just… perfect for that drive.

(EM!) Bob Ricca: The perfect soundtrack for that drive through hell

(Nothington) Jay: I’m just blasting it like “I’m gonna kill you fucking New Yorkers, get the fuck out of my way”

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Alright so what’s your favorite band at the moment then?

(Nothington) Chris: Favorite new band or just all time favorite band?

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Just in general… don’t put too much thought into it haha

(Nothington) Chris: Well I’m pretty stoked on Kid Dynamite right now because we’re gonna get to see them at The Fest… if I had my iPod I’d be brushing up on that.

(EM!) Bob Ricca: I saw them when they played This Is Hardcore this year… it was fucking great.

(Nothington) Eric: Thats rad

(Nothington) Jay: Yeah I can’t even begin to…

(Nothington) Eric: The Flatliners… our bass player has been playing them a lot.

(Nothington) Jay: Yeah I can’t even list anything… I mean I could say something like Hot Water Music or something generic like that but you know… whatever…

(EM!) Bob Ricca: So, what other genres of music do you guys listen to besides punk rock? Any hip hop, indie rock, etc…

(Nothington) Jay: I listen to a lot of really old country music. When ever I’m rolling through Americana and I can find the AM country radio station thats all I listen to. I’m sure it drives these guys insane but…

(Nothington) Chris: No, we like that stuff too. Actually I don’t even like music… it pisses me off… I like silence hahaha

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Dude, I went on this road trip once… I was dating this girl who went to college in Virginia (about 6 hours away). Well one trip I drove down with her in her car and the plan was for her dad to pick me up when he visited at the end of the week and we’d drive home together. Well her parents hated me, for whatever bullshit fabricated reason… but anyway I rode 6 hours home in a van with this girls dad… in complete silence. I’d be like “hey why don’t we put on the radio” and he’d be like “nope… I like the sound of the road”… and I’m like dude you gotta be fucking kidding me. It was hell…

(Nothington) Jay: hahaha yo… what a creep

(EM!) Bob Ricca: haha but anyway, last show you went to that you weren’t playing?

(Nothington) Chris: We miss a lot of shows because we tour a lot… and then when we aren’t touring its just expensive to go do stuff.

(Nothington) Jay: I actually saw Killing Joke… it was a trip.

(Nothington) Eric: I just saw something at the Parkside… what was it… I think I saw American Steel or something.

(Nothington) Chris: I just saw Against Me! play…

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Oh nice, did you see them on that tour with Screaming Females and Lemuria?

(Nothington) Chris: I don’t totally remember. Oh I saw Heart Sounds too. I guess I went to a few shows when I was home.

(EM!) Bob Ricca: haha alright, what other hobbies do you guys have besides playing in a band?

(Nothington) Jay: I got three older brothers so I didn’t ever get to play video games. Baseball is like a religion to me.

(Nothington) Eric: Yeah, I’m a nerd I play video games.

(Nothington) Jay: I do have to put this on record – FUCK THAT HAT (points at Dustin’s Phillies hat)… but I’m in Philly so, sorry? Fuckers.

(EM!) Dustin: Oh, you’re an Atlanta fan that’s right…

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Actually, wait before this interview didn’t you guys tell me a story about you skateboarding in Germany?

(Nothington) Jay: haha I used to skate back in the 80s

(Nothington) Eric: I still do.

(Nothington) Jay: I used to ride those big fucking boards

(EM!) Bob Ricca: What was your first skateboard deck?

(Nothington) Jay: Um, Vision Gator I think

(EM!) Bob Ricca: That’s sick.

(Nothington) Eric: I had a Powell

(Nothington) Jay: Actually I had a Vision Gator then I had an original 79′ Rob Roskopp Santa Cruz and my Mom fucking threw it out and they’re now worth a shit ton of money on ebay… and I’m like oh I could use that…

(Nothington) Eric: You were saying before the interview that Murs, his favorite skater is Mike V?

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Yeah

(Nothington) Eric: Yeah, I used to skate amateur back in the day… I went to middle school and high school with Jerry Hsu and we used to skateboard together all the time

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Oh shit… no way. Didn’t he used to ride for Maple skateboards?

(Nothington) Jay: I always thought Mike McGill was the shit…

(Nothington) Eric: It was funny when we were in middle school… the school we went to had these really huge set of steps… like 8 long stairs on one side of the quad… then on the other side of the quad there was a 6 step and I was at the tiny one just trying to ollie it and not eat shit, meanwhile he’s on the huge 8 stair doing rails and all kinds of shit down the steps

(EM!) Bob Ricca: We used to somewhat skate with Chris Cole. I was never really friends with him or anything but my neighbor was and they’d sometimes role up to the shopping center around the corner. Dude was mad good… could pretty much do anything he wanted to in the first 3 tries.

(Nothington) Eric: One of the last times I saw Cole he came to my college and he took me out to his car and opened up his trunk and was like “hey – take whatever you want”… it was everything – shirts, shoes, wheels, trucks, skateboard decks, whatever I wanted he gave to me.

(EM!) Bob Ricca: No way thats pretty awesome he would do that.

(Nothington) Eric: Yeah it was crazy

(EM!) Dustin: Alright, what about other sports… hockey? I’m assuming baseball.

(Nothington) Jay: Football

(Nothington) Chris: Soccer

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Wow so between all of you you have the bases covered?

(Nothington) Chris: Well I also like football a lot I just don’t know anything about it.

(EM!) Dustin: Whats your favorite sports team?

(Nothington) Chris: San Jose sharks

(Nothington) Jay: Atlanta Falcons

(Nothington) Eric: Probably the 49ers

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Haha we did talk earlier before this interview about you having a 49ers starters jacket. Ok, next question… if you could spend a month in another country, what country would it be?

(Nothington) Eric: Germany…

(Nothington) Chris: Definitely Germany… its awesome.

(Nothington) Jay: Yeah… it really is. You can walk out of the bar with a beer. Its just that european mindframe. It may not have been in Germany that this happened… I think it may have actually been in Serbia but I look at the time and I was like “oh shit I gotta go its getting late” and I ordered a beer. I asked the guy “yo is it ok if I take this outside with me” and he was like “you bought zee beer… it is yours… do whatever you want with it.“. Stick it in your ass if you want

(Nothington) Chris: I think Germans society in general is a lot freer than the states… its so laid back there and they have government funded community centers that put on punk shows and art shows… all kinds of stuff. Art is pretty much almost disrepected here…

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Totally… almost like art is more of a nuisance

(Nothington) Chris: yeah its a nuisance to society here… or sometimes you get that impression.

(Nothington) Jay: And they have awesome health care. I got drunk and dove in a creek there and cut my foot open really bad. I had to go to the hospital the next morning… I showed them my passport and within 30 minutes I had 2 doctors, 2 nurses… all these people taking care of me wrapping my shit up. The doctor was actually joking that he would never see a dime from me. And I was like “yeah you’re probably right”. I gave him the wrong address hahaha

(Note: All the nurses in Germany look like this by the way)

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Hahahaha he’s like jokes on you I have a copy of your passport asshole…

(Nothington) Jay: The nurse when I first hobbled in could smell the liquor on me and they were already laughing at me like look at this dumbass…

(EM!) Bob Ricca: haha another drunk American that can’t hang…

(Nothington) Jay: But yeah I thought that was pretty amazing how quick it was. I actually have health insurance and if I went to a hospital in San Francisco it would have taken hours… just a bunch of papers and shit… like “hey can you come back on Thursday?”

(EM!) Bob Ricca: I heard when you go there they try to get all the Americans drunk, unless my friends are lying to me.

(Nothington) Jay: They do their best.

(Nothington) Chris: I think drinking is just so ingrained in their culture…

(Nothington) Jay: Who goes to rehab in Germany for drinking… nobody hahahaha

(Nothington) Eric: One of the funnier things we saw on this last trip to Europe… we were in Switzerland… no, Belgium and we saw this 15 year old kid who was completely wasted. He was playing a Bouncing Souls song.

(Nothington) Jay: It was in an upstairs room backstage… it was surreal.

(Nothington) Eric: And there were all these kids around him also completely drunk – maybe 20 of them – all under the age of 15…

(Nothington) Eric: … and they were all singing this Bouncing Souls song and in the middle of the song the kids falls over this chair on his face and they pick him back up and he shakes himself off and immediately goes into a blink 182 song… it was terrible.

(Nothington) Chris: We pulled up to a bar in Spain once for a show on one of our previous tours and all these 13 or 14 year old kids got out of school and just walked right into the bar and started smoking and drinking beer. And I’m like “damn don’t you have homework to do? You’re gonna have a beer right now?”

(EM!) Dustin: You gotta have beers before you start your homework

(EM!) Bob Ricca: I was in Mexico and we went to this bull fight and I look to the side of me and there is this kindergarden class on their field trip. Meanwhile they a ripping this bull apart, it’s completely foaming at the mouth, bleeding profusely and all the kids are cheering as the matador is jamming swords in its neck. I was like this is definitely not America haha.

(Nothington) Chris: Wow thats crazy… it’s just totally a different way of thinking.

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Alright next question, you guys have any pets?

(Nothington) Jay: I have a cat… her name is Meow haha. But my girlfriend left me about a week ago so I’m not totally sure it’s gonna be mine when I get home. I think I’m gonna go home and turn the key to my house and it’ll be a total surprise.

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Hahaha you’re not gonna find a dead cat in your house are you?

(Nothington) Jay: Hahaha no she wouldn’t do that. I’m just not sure if her and the cat are gonna be there.

(Nothington) Eric: Yeah, I used to have a cat but before I went on this tour I had to give her away.

(EM!) Bob Ricca: What was your cats name?

(Nothington) Eric: Wasabi haha

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Ok, what about your favorite board game growing up?

(Nothington) Jay: Monopoly

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Does anyone ever actually finish a game of Monopoly?

(Nothington) Eric: Probably because it takes like 8 hours to finish a game. I play clue… battleship…

(EM!) Bob Ricca: What about your go to drinks at a bar?

(Nothington) Jay: Jameson and a PBR… or the cheapest shit they got.

(Nothington) Eric: Yeah cheap beer

(EM!) Bob Ricca: If you weren’t watching your money what kind of beer would you get?

(Nothington) Eric: Usually I’d probably get something like a nice Hefeweisen. But now that we’re out here on tour its whatever is cheap or whatever is free. I really like Anchor Steam’s beer too.

(EM!) Dustin: So lets talk Halloween, are you guys playing any shows and are you getting dressed up?

(Nothington) Jay: Well we have a penguin costume… but we usually just wear that around whenever we feel like it. I wore it last night and I think its someone else’s turn tonight.

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Alright and last question, I was talking to Eric before this interview and he was telling me about how your van caught fire… so I wanted to bring that up.

(Nothington) Jay: Well WE didn’t set it on fire…

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Hahah so was it set on fire by someone else?

(Nothington) Jay: Hahaha no it caught on fire.

(Nothington) Chris: We were riding down the freeway and it just happened.

(Nothington) Jay: We had just crossed the Spanish border and I had thrown a cigarette out the window… and I smelled smoke and was like oh fuck, somebody look in the back think my cigarette went back in the window. But it turns out that wasn’t what happened at all. Turns out our catalytic converter split and the heat caught the entire ceramics on fire under the motor and our bass player Ryan, hes not with us now (from Spanish Gamble) and our driver poured an entire bottle of Fanta to put the fire out

(Note: this isn’t the actually van on fire haha… it was probably a lot smaller)

(Nothington) Chris: It took like every bottle of liquid we had to put the fire out… water bottles, soda… we toss all of them on it.

(EM!) Bob Ricca: So I’m guessing that the van didn’t run after that right?

(Nothington) Jay: No, we actually had it towed and luckily Eric is fluent in Spanish so we took it to a shop and they welded it and had us on our merry way.

(Nothington) Eric: At first they wanted to charge $1500 and then when they realized we wanted to get a receipt they were like “no we don’t do that”… so they fixed it for $200 hahaha

(Nothington) Jay: Hahaha it ended up only costing 200 euro and it was shady as fuck. You’d look underneath at it and think there is no way thats safe

(Nothington) Chris: I think Off With Their Heads is still driving around in that van. We used it for our whole tour and now Off With Their Heads is using it on their tour.

(Nothington) Jay: Hahaha we were like “Have fun with the bed bugs in the loft”… true story.

(EM!) Bob Ricca: Alright guys… thanks for doing the interview, it was awesome.

(Nothington) Jay: No problem.

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